Carrier Pigeons writing the weather on the backs of Mastadons 
tap morse code messages on your window pane
              while  Email Missives
              arcing like Tesla Coils
             bring you Art You Could Not Anticipate
                       but are Prepared to Exploit,
    as hotdogs on Pretzel buns ride a Coney Island Roller Coaster
  cast shadows on the wall being history
shadows cast on the wall being his story
         Art Popularly Understood but 
                   Freshly stated not

making the before unseen
                all by hand
                   the eye’s demand
                shadows’ substance
                         twenty minutes to carve two square inches
                            one year to carve Ghosts in the Machine

Emerged three times
emerged his-story Fit for 80’s Geraldo
a readers digest of kidnappings, fires, mob light bosses
a decade here a decade there          emerge emerged emergent 

Vision Solidified through living not being someone else’s vision’s bitch
Knocked off-course but never Knocked Out  
continually scratching the artist itch