in praise of shadows

dreadful algebra of creation’s necessity
           Man, Between truth and repose
                        ,the pendulum, oscillates

To channel smoky hands in fire flick’ring caves
       memories created in the removal of surface
        `      extraction
                    creating images
               of moonlight and Rain.

The moon has bought shadows to keep me company

My shadow merely follows the movement in my body.
                The pure wine pure wine of visual language
       no sound Bites
      ghosts in the machine Whispers
transparent surfaces carved into reality
Made by man      made by hand 
      ,Breaking the Rules, Forging, Prescriptions
       about Time and Memory

each line meticulously known
each memory meticulously known
each hour, each minute meticulously known
line by line carved line by line
line by line by line by line
discipline’s disciple